Step 1

Text your word and message to 61222fresh (612.223.7374) from any cell phone. Like a dictionary, freshtext stores the word you add and the "definition" Go ahead and try it!


Step 2

Shortly after you send your word and message, you'll get a text back letting you know that the storing of your word was successful and it will display your pairing.


Step 3

Once your word as been added it's time to put it to use! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, or your pet chimp BoBo to text your special word to 61222fresh and they will receive your message!

The Skinny

  • freshtext is a free service. We won't charge you a thing, but I can't speak for your wireless carriers. So sadly standard text/sms rates apply.
  • The words you stored are kept there forever, we don't like saying goodbye. :'(
  • Want to see how may times your word was texted? YOU CAN'T! I kid! Of course you can. Just text analytics and your word to 61222fresh and we'll text you back.
  • The words are not case sensitive so if Mr."I LOVE CAPS LOCK" types your word, he'd still get the message. (Pants = PANTS = PaNtS)
  • For more information regarding detailed analytics or getting a custom number send us an email.

So, What can you do with freshtext?

  • breifcase


    Set up a freshtext location for a house, office party or casual get together.

  • breifcase


    Promote your new album! Set up a link for secret videos and tracks.

  • breifcase


    Deliver a secret message to a chosen few.

  • breifcase


    Give someone special a fun and romantic game, with words tied to love notes.

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    Use it as a voting system. freshtext keeps analytical data on your words.

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    See who's interested. Place a fresh word in your resume and stay ahead.

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    Surprise concert or impromptu play in the park? Spread the word!

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    Promote a small business sale with a freshtext. 10% 20% 50% 90% Off!